Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bright Copper Kettles

Well not, actually, but plenty of spick and span shiny copper pans by the looks of things, although what they are doing in such numbers, all higgledy-piggledy stuck half way up a wall is anyone's guess.

In fact they are a colourful way of attracting attention to a central Paris brasserie at St. Michel, and I've seen this thing in several places around the capital although I don't think the establishments are connected in any way.

It shows you can get complacent because I was doing a photo tour in the Latin Quarter and hardly gave this 'sculpture' a second look when one of my Australian ladies saw it and exclaimed how wonderful it was. Cue a good 20 minutes of photo-taking and some interesting results. The typical Parisian street sign always adds a sense of place to any photo and can often be incorporated in many street scenes.

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