Monday, May 07, 2007

But How Did They Know?!

L'Express, which was miraculously on sale at Place de la Concorde two hours after the results with a beefy special on the in-coming president had a funny editorial, which roughly translated started as follows:

"How did the L'Express journalists manage to write, you may be asking yourselves, over Sunday night, 50 pages on the winner of the presidential election? Did they know the results before everyone else? No, in fact we didn't write our 50 page dossier between 8 pm (when the results were anounced) and 9 pm when we had to go to press."

In fact, what they did was write two beefy specials, one for each presidential candidate, one of which they unceremoniously ditched as soon as the result was known! How about that?!
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Monica said...

This is a common thing they do in newspapers. They do something similar when a famous person is very old or in the risk of dying, they have the obituary ready to be published the minute the person passes away.

Paris Set Me Free said...

Wow, you know, I must be a bit dim or something, but I never thought of that! You're right, those in-depth bios come out right the next morning and I imagined bleary-eyed journalists up all night slaving over the keyboard. Well, you live and learn, thanks!

Tomate Farcie said...

Well, I'd say, that's business as usual for a journalist, uh? ;)

Paris Set Me Free said...

I guess so, Tomate! To everyone their modus operandus, eh?


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