Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Chucking it Down

Another one in the rainy day / trapped on Ile de la Cité theme from last weekend. After some people told me they liked what I did to the other one of the couple hurrying under the rain I did a similar thing to this, taken from the same place.
The tall buildings are sooo Parisian, the bollards and cobble stones typical of some of the cuter parts of the city and... where is it - can you remember? Well, it's one of the gentle hidden wonders of the city, and I mean really the city - Ile de la Cité was the original Paris way back when, before it grew and grew... The square is called Place Dauphine and is a sleepy little triangular place with benches and cafes and trees just opposite the Palais de Justice. A nice place for your sandwiches next time you're being a tourist in the centre. Try to pick a sunny day though!
© 2007 Sab Will / Paris Set Me Free


lynn said...

I'm bringing my sandwiches - NOW!

The Salems said...

So am i

bluedenim said...

Ok I will be there too!!!!

Paris Set Me Free said...

Hey! Looks like we're going to have a sandwich/umbrella party in this sweet little square! I'll try and keep giving your reasons to visit! :-)

Monica said...

You won´t believe but just yesterday I was reading in my Paris guide about Dauphine square! It says it´s very quiet there and one can barely hear the sound of busy Paris from there. Now, along with your photo, I´m totally convinced I am going to have a sandwich there next time I´m in town!!!

I´m so glad for your comment, it gave me the chance to discover your photos, and I have to say they are fantastic. They have a diffente ´texture´, for lack of a better word.

Monica said...

forgot to mention that I like the texts below the photos a lot too.

Paris Set Me Free said...

You are kind Monica, and you will be happy to know that the sleepy place Dauphine is one of the *least* 'impressive' of the sights in that area, but indeed is very charming. Others are all around, not least of all the banks of the Seine which, obviously, are omnipresent, it being on an island!

I'm torn, in my comments, between giving my personal, 'emotional' opinion of when I took the photo or what I think about it, and giving technical details of the photo to give other people some ideas.

In the end I usually end up do a bit of both! Thanks again :-)


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