Sunday, May 13, 2007

Here, Birdy Birdy...

I think these fearsome things are supposed to be on the side of the 'good' guys, but I certainly wouldn't want them on my team - some of the expressions and faces are really extremely gruesome!

I like the way this shot has turned out with the angles of the gargoyle and the church tower converging and complementing each other nicely. The sharp angles of the aforementioned elements are softened slightly by the sweeping curves of part of the church roof (Sacré Coeur, in case you hadn't guessed).

The biggest problems, apart from getting the composition right, was camera shake and exposure.

I tried to reduce shake to the maximum by propping myself up against a lamppost. Exposure was equally tricky - when you point your lens at the sky, or a lot of it, the camera generally says 'Whoah - loads of light - let's shut this down a bit!' and you get a very underexposed dark and nasty picture with only silhouettes on show. You have to anticipate this and increase the exposure one or two stops and check, if you have a digital camera, to see which setting gives you the best compromise of detail in the statue and burning out of the sky. You can't have detail in the sky and the statue in this case so you just have to do your best.

Luckily the contrast wasn't too extreme here so I still managed to get a nice blue sky and detail in that friendly old gargoyle up there. Sweet dreams boys and girls!
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