Friday, May 11, 2007

Mini Dramas

Playing out in a warmly lit shop window in down-town Paris, mini-dramas to make your heart swell... the valiant moustachioed sword-wielding bandit descends the rope to rescue or perhaps take advantage of the amply curved and not-so-modest lady vaunting her generous charms...

Shop windows present marvellous photo opportunities but also offer challenges ranging from technical to aesthetic. Technically, there's not enough darn light to take a sharp picture without flash, and as we all know, flash is a dangerous beast! If I'd used flash on this shot I'd have killed all those lovely modelling effects on the big lady's curves as well as the cheeky chappy's face. Sooo, it's very simple - you put the camera on macro (if you can), you zoom in as much as possible whilst respecting the composition you're after, and you... place the end of the lens or your hand or something against the window. This is a great technique because it steadies your camera so much you gain several stops - that is to say your pictures are much sharper for the same price - magic!

That's the technical comment, but you also have to make your picture interesting - a whole messy window full of stuff with no particular point of interest doesn't do anything. Throwing the background out of focus is still essential but you should also try to create some sort of relationship between a couple of elements in your photo. Here I thought it was funny that the little guy was storming in to be greeted by the big girl dancing away and your imagination can fill in the rest of the story!
© 2007 Sab Will / Paris Set Me Free

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