Thursday, May 03, 2007

Move Your Mind

You've heard the stories of miles and miles of hidden tunnels worming through the bowels of the city harbouring strange remains and secret societies, the exact location and extent of which is known only to select and shady few..? The sinisterly named 'Catacombes'..?

Well it's true.

And this architectural anomaly sitting fearlessly on a weird hillock right next to an averagely horrible government health building is rumoured to be one of the entrances. I won't call it an exit because you have to go in to get out, and they say that not too many people get out of the Catacombes...

I sneaked a peek inside through the locked iron door under the sparce spring sun and was sure I felt a sudden chill caressing my shoulders... all I could see was steps going down, down, finishing in a profoundly dark circle. And as I was turning to leave, having had un unusual difficulty in getting the shot I wanted - the camera just wouldn't seem to behave - I could have sworn I heard a low, gravelly voice calling from somewhere deep down in the earth... 'Sabbbbb... Sabbbbbb... Mooovvveeeee Yoouuurrrrrr Miiinnnddddddd... Sabbbbbb... Mooovvveeeee Yoouuurrrrrr Miiinnnddddddd...

It took me about three seconds to get out of that place...

(Then I tripped over a bone and woke with a start, and realised I'd been watching TV and listening to a Swedish car advert... I'm never going to eat cheese sandwiches and pickle again just before bedtime... ;-)
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