Friday, May 04, 2007


Ahh, zoze Frrhhhrreennchh ahrre so sexy wiz zeire beeg rhed leeps et tout!

One of the weirdest fountains you're likely to see, this one is just next to the Pompidou Centre and has some great scupltures to marvel as. And to make it even funnier, there's a beautifully classical church just behind it. The thing here is to decide what the subject's going to be and make sure it really is the subject - in this case it's the lips (did you guess?). A camera waved and snapped in the general direction of 'those funny things' will produce a 'snap', not an image.

It was night and the lighting was not optimal, so I played around with it to get away from that, in particular reddening the lips to further accentuate them. The hint of classical architecture in the background is enough, and I see now I could have straightened the 'horizon' up a bit (water and churches don't normally slop downward, but then again since when did enormous red lips hover above fountains...) but it's ok.


bluedenim said...

I love that the lips

Paris Set Me Free said...

thanks bluedenim! It's a crazy one, I think inspired by that artist that did funny sculptures of fat ladies in very strong colours - I'll post another pic from the fountain to see shortly.

Tomate Farcie said...

I definitely need to link this blog. I'm really glad you came back to the virtual world, SAB. More great shots to look at :)


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