Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sarko Dans Les Rues

In a students' quarter, where they aren't always kind to the future president (to say the least) I find this image rather sweet, and not particularly offensive. I don't really take sides so any image which is photo-worthy is worth publishing I reckon, without judging, which is probably the worst crime is the eyes of a free-thinker. Maybe.


jeff said...

Or, maybe, one should just juggle with a fish on one's head. It's all perspective, I suppose. That can't be a crime for a free thinker, nor is refraining from judgment. Free thinking does not prohibit judging, however. Free thinking does not require neutrality.

Nice photos. I like. Keep it up.

Eric said...

Hi Sab, I am sorry I haven't been ablr to welcome you back on the blogosphere - well at least on my blog - since started commenting again. So here I am!

You have some superb photos here. I'm jealous!!

Paris Set Me Free said...

Hi Jeff and Eric,

Thanks for the comments and the inspiration I get from your photos also - there's a lot of creativity going around and it's great to be part of that! Exciting times..!

Tomate Farcie said...

Post whatever you want and don't worry about it! There is always going to be an "empecheur de tourner en rond" to tell you that whatever you posted is offensive or disagreeable to them. Post whatever you want anyway.

I'm actually kind of surprised to see that drawing on the sidewalk in the students' quarter, because it looks rather supportive of the guy. But, obviously he did have much support from the youth, so that's that, I guess.

Paris Set Me Free said...

Yes, the funny thing is, that although the lefties are extremely vocal and certainly let you know their opinions by plastering posters and demonstrating all over the place, in fact, Sarkozy won, and actually has a lot of support among the perhaps silent majority who follow his ideas without shouting about it as much.

But you'd still have to be pretty brave to openly say you voted for Sarko near any Parisian uni right now!!


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