Friday, May 04, 2007

Shadows of Death

Cemetaries are never sinister places for me, but rather places of reflection and peace. And from a photographic point of view they offer numerous possibilities for creativity. Paris is particularly well endowed in this respect, because not only have lots of people bitten the dust here, but their families have chosen to immortalise this fact in a variety of intriguing ways.

The most famous cemetary in Paris is, of course, Pére Lachaise (Peter The Chair, go figure, as the Americans say...). But this is not there. This is in the Montparnasse cemetary which although far less amazing than the other, is nontheless interesting for the lively eye.

This image particularly struck me, with the cross back-dropped by the tree shadow on the stark wall with the seemingly bricked up windows, suggesting, to me at least, that all life eventually returns whence it came, to the dust, to the dead elements, to a place from which there is no return. I love being morbidly profound, or is that profoundly morbid, from time to time. I'm a happy soul really!


LadyM said...

i am jealous cos you have inspiring cemetaries in europe and i do miss them. i love them both, pere-lachaise & mtparnasse. great pic Sab. thanks and have a great weekend.

Paris Set Me Free said...

And you Marlene, with a new President at the end of it! People have just started voting here and I'm going to try and catch some of the celebrations/commiserations at the end of the day, but I'm not a 'brave' social photography, so it might just be pictures from the TV! Take care in Canada!


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