Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Absolutely no cropping whatsoever, followed by some serious messing around with the contrast and saturation etc. to make it look just a little weird. I love the lines in this shot - the funny little pokey post in the bottom left and the thinner longer one in the top right balancing it, and the gorgeous curve of the lamppost sweeping into the middle of the shot and cradling (well, inverse-cradling) the birds sitting on the aerials.

Actually, it was funny, because on the TV aerial on the right there were three or four birds sitting in a perfect row with their bottoms stuck out all crapping simultaneously onto the roof below, but that's another picture for another day.


Monica said...

Another clever title! It gives the photo a lot more to see than meets the eye.

Paris Set Me Free said...

Thanks Monica! I don't desperately try to think of a 'clever' title, but something normally pops into my head which seems appropriate!


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