Thursday, May 17, 2007

Welcome to Paris

This sinister, brutal wall encloses La Santé, or more fully la Maison d'arrêt de la Santé, the notorious Parisian prison nestling ominously in the 14th district of Paris. Apparently there are both VIP and high-security sections behind this towering enclosure. What a shame they couldn't accommodate the other Paris of the hotel heiress variety, in either of the aforementioned areas, on a more or less permanent basis... wishful thinking, I guess.

The composition of this shot should speak for itself: harsh lighting treatment, getting in real close to emphasis the towering walls, careful placing of the two compositional elements to give an impressive final result. Better out than in
© 2007 Sab Will / Paris Set Me Free

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Olive said...

thanks for commenting on my blog.
I love your photos. I really like the angle that you chose for this shot.

Paris Set Me Free said...

Thanks Olive,

I used to be married to someone whose nickname was Olive, but that's another story... she came from (and went back to) Greece. They had a lot of oranges in Greece, by the way (see next pic)!


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