Thursday, May 03, 2007

Who Cares?

She was fiery, pugnacious and hazy...

He was timid, precise and trying not to be influenced by the fact that she was a woman...

...according to some of the after-show debates in any case. Because oh yes, folks! When the debate is over, the debate has only just begun - the analysis of the debate that is, even if it is nearly midnight!

And a very interesting debate it was too. Which will be the subject of every single newspaper tomorrow of course, and then we will see what happens in the end, come Sunday 6th May... in three days' time. Exciting! Do you care...?
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Paris Set Me Free said...

I'm worn out after all that and going to bed! What do you guys think?!

LadyM said...

i am listening-watching to the debate on the internet. i confess i am not voting, but i reckon this is a turning point in the french political life.
my heart would to segolene but i am a bit annoyed sometines with the way she is interrupting nicolas. mind you, i enjoyed it when she got angry re: disabled kids in schools...very interesting! do not how long i am going to watch it though! if i had been to my salsa class i would not be watching the show cos i am hippy!
what do You think, sab? are you voting?

LadyM said...

sorry for my spelling mistakes i am a bit dislexic!

Paris Set Me Free said...

Hi LadyM, I must admit I don't often take a stance politically, but this time, and for once, I actually know who I *would* vote for, if I had the vote here in France, but unfortunately I don't. But through past experience of what discussing politics does I tend to avoid those sort of discussions to avoid losing friends!

You are very 'courageous' to listen (or was it read) the debate by internet - I was 'sur mes nerfs' throughout! It was very tense.

Your English is great, as you know (!) but like most people (e.g. me!) you do make more noticable mistakes when you write than when you speak. Keep reading Hotch Potch English!


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