Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hot Houses

I've never really been one for horizontal and vertical lines, because the edges of the picture (i.e. where the paper ends!) generally provide those admirally, as I've said before. So whenever I see obviously up 'n' down, left t' right lines I tend to tilt the camera.

Here you can see one of the fruits of my labour which illustrate this point. I defy you to find a horizontal or vertical line - there ain't a damn one in sight! But the play of the angled roof with the tilted arches and stark but fuzzy railings enchants the eye and gives you plenty to look at.

I've also used the special effect I'm obsessed with this week again - don't worry, it'll be something else next week! There was no cropping done here by the way. I shot it as I wanted it, and it worked, which is something I always try to do in principle, only occasionally leaving a bit more around the edges to play with if I think it's necessary. Happy snapping :-)
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