Friday, June 01, 2007

Run Rabbit, Run

This is a funny pic, because it sums up life in the capital, any capital in fact, we all know why they're running, and yet, and this was a creative choice, we can't actually see the reason, i.e. the train.

The removal of the reason for an action from the frame produces a rather intriguing and slightly surreal image: this strange group behavour of three people all running in the same direction, almost like scared animals trying to outrun a preditor, and the only reason we know that's not the case is the context of the train station and we recognise a familiar but often forgotten feature of modern city life: we run!

As a curious aside, there's also an excellent optical effect in this picture, especially if you click on the image above to see the larger version. Can you see it? The picture seems to get bigger from left to right! This is due to the converging lines within the thin horizontal frame, and it's quite impressive and almost impossible to get rid of the impression as you look at the pic with the white outline on the black background, however much you tell yourself that the picture has perfectly square corners!


JessiRaye said...
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JessiRaye said...

I like this=]

it makes me think how I know what Im running for but others dont see it exactly how i do.


JessiRaye said...

Firt off, thanks for your advice =]

Secondly i noticed the optical effect and i couldnt get over it!

it is absolutly an amazing picture!

ladym said...

very impressive, great effect. keep them going, i love the way you look at things, people and buildings!
have a great week.

Paris Set Me Free said...

Thanks for the comments everyone - I really appreciate them. I had a great Sunday morning photoshoot this weekend, so expect lots more photos coming as soon as I get the time!

Luc said...

The title for this post reminds me of a silly movie by Rob Zombie.

What are they running for ? I would say the subway... but there doesn't seem to be any.

Paris Set Me Free said...

Yep, Luc, they're running for a train which was shorter than they expected and is just out of shot! I think they made it...


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