Saturday, June 30, 2007

Tunnel Vision

Blue and yellow are beautifully complementary so I was immediately attracted to this image just on that level before anything else.

In fact, and did you guess (?), this was taken from the very front of the first driverless train line in Paris, the line 14 from St. Lazare to Biblioteque Nationale, and, on the day I took this shot, a new station opened, called 'Olympiades' (I think) going past the national library towards Place d'Italie.

It's quite a strange thing to be at the front and see the track and stations zooming towards you. Photographically, it's marvellous, because quite apart from the amazing images of tracks and arches you can achieve, you also have strong reflections which merge with reality giving fascinating results.

When I saw the results of this shoot I was disappointed at first because my brain told me that there was one glaring omission - a train coming in the other direction. But after a while I saw things differently, and now, with the amazing perspectives, the great reflections and the sinister black hole we are rushing into, I like the void, which is probably as symbolic as a train zipping by.
© 2007 Sab Will / Paris Set Me Free

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Lord Hutton said...

Nice picture. It takes time to work out what is going on.

Paris Set Me Free said...

Yes, it probably does, and that's one of the reasons it's worth looking at it. Thanks for passing by, Lordy!


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