Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Ladies Crossing

I followed these lively ladies, all chic in their own way, for some distance, and was rewarded with what strikes me as a nice image - lots of pairs of legs all leading their owners wherever it is they are eager to get to.

The bars of the vertical metal street signs echo the ladies' pins and the white horizontal lines of the crossing are nicely contrasted by the curvy vertical ones on the lady's tunic on the right. Fun.
© 2007 Sab Will / Paris Set Me Free

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Lord Hutton said...

But did the traffic stop for them?

Paris Set Me Free said...

Well, THIS traffic/photographer did! No, in fact, it was probably just a moment I spotted that no-one else did and was pretty meaningless for all but me and my lens, but if you liked it then that's worth something!

sax said...

What a good shot! Timing and exposure are ok. I would like to see the same picture trimmed on the left side, to take out the man and with a little blur effect applied to mask the background.


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