Friday, August 03, 2007

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling...

Free bikes (well, almost) roll into Paris, and judging by the number of smiley cyclists I am seeing around the place, they are a roaring success. I haven't yet got my yearly pass, but I surely will do. It's only about €30 for a year and the first half hour is free. I haven't worked out yet if you can just swap bikes at one of the bike parks and carry on forever without paying more, but the principle is that people use them to get from A to B, replacing the metro or the car, not use them as tourists, hence the half hour limit.

This photo has almost no merit whatsoever, but I saw it amongst my latest shots and thought, well, it gives a sense of the subject, very subjective, and probably better for it. The LAST thing I want my photos to do is mechanically record the facts. I want to add some sort of mystery or intrigue, and this photo goes some way towards this: blurry, no head, weird angle, what more could you want?!
© 2007 Sab Will / Paris Set Me Free

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Frankie said...

mystery or intrigue... I've come across a guy taking photos of statues in Paris making them look alive with... mystery and intrigue. I'll give the link when I find it.


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