Thursday, August 02, 2007


The view from the steps of Montmartre is one of the nicest in Paris, which is free of course. You can have fun identifying Notre Dame, Beaubourg, Père Lachaise cemetary and plenty of other things.

It's a good one for texture, because Paris roofs are all very uniform so you get a pleasantly impressing picture of building-tops almost completely filling the frame. Well, you can fill the frame with them if you want, but I like to leave a little sliver of sky to give some sense of scale and there's a couple of chimneys pumping away on the horizon too so a bit more interest there.

Because there's so much detail you need a tripod to be sure everything is sharp if you intend blowing the photo up at all. I of course didn't have one - I just had to do my best, with a little help from Nikki's anti-vibro lens. I must admit I'm still learning about all the buttons and dials on this camera - it's quite amazing how many there are! Expect many failures along the way, but that's all part of the fun.

Off on holiday (to Barcelona) very soon for a few weeks, so won't be sending in much stuff in August. Have great holidays if you are, otherwise... keep snapping!
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