Friday, September 28, 2007

Bercy Hike

Ahhh, students. Doncha jus' luvvem? Recognise the building? A very famous one in Paris I'll have you know. It's the striking Bercy happening place where they have all sorts of weird and wonderful events from show jumping to skateboarding and ski jumping plus the odd concert or two I believe.

Anyway, this edifice's main distinguishing characteristic is that someone had the bright idea to cover its steep external walls with... grass. Go figure (love that American expression!), if you will.

So, 'see hill will climb' being some people's motto, it must be rather tempting for adventurous souls, hence this brave scaling by three giggling girls of a Sunday afternoon.

Personally, I don't think I'd have made the attempt, being more of the timorous sort, preferring to let my lens do the mounting while my feet remain firmly rooted to terra firma.

(Artistic Considerations): This grassy slope is actually damn steep, and so a useful device to illustrate this, to 'heighten' the tension, if you like, is to slightly modify the proportions to make the whole shot rather tall and narrow.

The grassy area is framed by the concrete at the bottom (which grounds the image) and the airier blue metalic structure at the top. It's a nice coincidence, if it is a coincidence, that the pointed blue metal at the top can represent the summit for which the intrepid youngsters are striving.

A nice diagonal effect completes the composition, both in the sweeping grass and the positions of the top girl and her two trailing companions.

P.S. She made it.
2007 Sab Will / Paris Set Me Free

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tonton_flaneur said...

Sab...that is so funny, as I was there once[I think to go to the Cinematheque]which is nearby and I thought of the same thing! Not that I wanted to do it!! Just wondered what it would be like to try!! Nice!

Paris Set Me Free said...

Thanks for comment tonton! There's a lotta weird things going on all the time if you keep your eyes open! There's nowt as strange as folks... !


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