Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Evil Eyes

Cats. Ahh, what poet couldn't write a book or an entire reference library about these enigmatic creatures..? Hey, come to think of it, I wrote one once. Wanna hear it? Oh, ok then. Another time maybe...!

OH! Something very strange just happened. My poem, which is not currently on a web site, but has been in the past, just popped up when I typed 'A Cat Adopted Me Today' just out of mad curiosity. Lo and behold what should I find but my poem on someone else's cat site! Update dated August 2007, and my poem hasn't even been on one of my sites for a few months!

Go here if you want to read it: http://www.pandecats.com/x/cat-adopted-me-today.shtml
but you'd better hurry because I'm going to ask them why they used it without providing a link back somewhere!

Anyway, I've rather got distracted from the topic of cats and photography, so my discourse shall have to wait for another day. Which will come, I promise you. You've gotta love 'em, those sly linx!
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