Thursday, September 27, 2007

Flower Power

(Just for fun... how many contrasts can you see in this image - I'm a great fan of contrasts. My answer below.)

I like this image, taken during the Parc de Bercy (and Paris') 'Gardens' event which involved installing gardeny type exhibits in some unusual places, along with funny red watering cans which served as welcoming offices and which have already featured on the PSMF blog.

In terms of composition it is sslllliiggghhhttttlllyyyy askew, in that there is perhaps a little to much gap between the two flowers, but apart from that not too much worries me. The big flower could have been lower, but that would have meant reducing its size, and it's massive size, particularly in contrast to the smaller one (there for that purpose?!) is one of the nice things about the pic.

In any case, the violent yellow, which isn't really mellow and I'd already used that title, contrasts beautifully with the two tones of sombre, fuzzy green behind.

And all of this was done hand-held with the flowers swaying slightly so obviously a fast shutter speed was useful.

Here are all the contrasts I found in this pic - did you see any others?

yellow and green
bright and dull
sharp and fuzzy
big and small
near and far
spread out and curled up
smooth and spiky
immature and mature
short and long
bottom left and top right
2007 Sab Will / Paris Set Me Free

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Anonymous said...

...Joy and sadness

Paris Set Me Free said...

Oh yes, that's nice...


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