Saturday, September 22, 2007

Kick This

Here we're in the rather austere Maison de la Chimie in the somewhat snotty seventh district of Paris, and what do we have? A black buy smacking the hell out of a piece of wood held by a spiky Asian dude, under the steady gazes of a young French boy and a jaw-dropped old French boy. Quite a scene.

It was all part of an associations open day - Paris is really BIG on associations, and you can do practically anything you like through them once you've got the official nod. Well, you have to keep it all above board, you understand. But they're a great way to get something going for the community and lots of people have taken the initiative for all sorts of things.

I'm going to give some English and photography courses through the Association Ste. Agnès, which is one of the oldest associations in the city, at the end of an idyllic little lane behind an anonymous double door in a street in the 7th district. A great discovery and I must take some pics of it some day.
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