Saturday, September 15, 2007

Thru My Lens

Little poem for ya...

Thru My Lens

Thru my zappy big zoom lens
I see people sitting sighing
I spy inspiration dying
But they don't see me

And thru my funky fish-eye lens
Horizons holding up the sky
Line up to bid the sun goodbye
But they don't see me

And thru my murky macro lens
Petals fall and lashes flutter
Babies bawl and old lips mutter
And they don't see me

But through my misty mirror lens
I see someone reading something
Into every little dumb thing
But I don't see me
2007 Sab Will / Paris Set Me Free

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Anonymous said...

Es hermoso como todo lo què tu haces ,creo què eres el mejor fotografo y poeta de Paris :)besos Yaruska.

Anonymous said...

Es hermoso digno de un verdadero artista,pienso què eres el mejor fotografo y poeta de todo Paris ;).

Di Mackey said...

Loved the poem. It captures the photography thing.

Paris Set Me Free said...

Thanks Di and Anonyme!

Won't comment on the poem - the words are supposed to speak for themselves!

Love from Paris...


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