Thursday, September 20, 2007

Toilet Training

Talking of toilets (which we were, if you've been paying attention..), this guy's destroying one.

We're at La Défense, the business district on the west of Paris named after the brave defense of the city for one of the world wars - oops, forgotten which one.

And it's the sort of shot you could NEVER EVER plan! You're hurrying past on your way to work with the rest of the rats, and lo and behold, there's a laddie smashing the hell out of a public convenience!

No doubt he has some sort of authority to do so, because it's not exactly standard behavour, except during riots in dodgy quarters, but it's still arresting!

I cropped the shot a lot, because, as it was taken on the fly, there was a lot of extraneous 'noise' clogging up the scene. In a situation like this, where you have a great 'happening' but a lot of other stuff going on which could detract from the image, you have to crop. Sometimes you can't even 'see' the image until you start cropping in your mind's eye and you have to do that to whenever you look at an image.

P.S. This might be the answer to my conundrum:

"The name défense originates from the monument 'La Défense de Paris', which was erected at this site in 1883 to commemorate the war of 1870." Apparently. Actually, the statue is there now - I saw it the other day, a bit down from the Grande Arche.
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RUYI said...

I didn't know about the statue...thanks for the info.
These toilets have always been scary to me. I don't think I would dare going in there, even if my life would depend on it!

Paris Set Me Free said...

The most worrying thing is: Will the door open when I'm doing my business and everyone can see me.

It hasn't happened to me yet so the odds are good!


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