Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Uncover Up

Photographically speaking this Gay Pride image is really interesting.

For a start, that cluster of faces with everyone looking in different directions with contrasting emotions reminds me of one of those gruesome middle-age paintings by Bruegel the Elder or someone.

But what's really interesting is the interaction of the characters. The girl's oblivious to the others, lost in her chant. The guy in the background with his mouth open seems to be taking part in the same chant and is obviously sharing her feelings completely. He also seems to be experiencing a lot of pleasure in this girl's open display of insolent liberty.

The guy in the blue jacket behind her is clearly part of the parade, but has a less ecstatic expression on his face and it's interesting to wonder what he thinks of his fellow marcher.

Finally the dude on the left completes this pleasing unparallelagram of heads. If the guy with the shades is clearly on the same wavelength as the girl, the chap on the left may be sharing what other intrigued on-lookers, such as the photographer, are thinking. This creates a link with the viewer of the photo, who can then place themselves more easily inside the frame and thus experience the moment even more viscerally.

Obviously all of these expressions came together by pure chance and I certainly couldn't have orchestrated them. The point to take from this is that when going through your photos after a shoot these are the sort of elements to look for amongst the tens or hundreds of so-so shots to spot a potential classic.
2007 Sab Will / Paris Set Me Free

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Di Mackey said...

Love it.

I looked at it for a long time, then read what you had to say ... favourite expression would be on the face of the guy with the grey jersey closest to her.

Bemused, amused ...

Paris Set Me Free said...

Thanks Di. Yes, I'm very happy with this particular shot - it's very strong I think.


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