Thursday, September 27, 2007

Waiting At The Bike Stop

Hey! New Parisian pastime. Forget the bus that never comes... now we have the sadly forlorn bikestop, denuded of vélos by virtuous demoiselles, leaving the unlucky to linger... and wait.

(Techy note: I wasn't able to throw the background out of focus in the heat of the moment and it was also far too bright and busy and interfered with the girl and weakened the strong foreground composition, but obviously couldn't be cut out. So I used a bit of post-processing magic (not very expertly, I might add) to both fuzz up and tone down all those nasty sharp bright people and green litter bags and crystal clear writing and stuff and bring the focus (of attention!) back to its rightful place - the girl waiting at the bikestop!)
2007 Sab Will / Paris Set Me Free

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Thib said...

Nice shot !

That's right, "Velib'iking" in Paris often begins by walking to the next station, then the next station, desperately seeking for a "green light" !

Paris Set Me Free said...

Yes, I've noticed that more and more, although I am tempted to get the pass myself - we'll see. Too much bike riding might mean less shooting!


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