Thursday, October 04, 2007

Basket Case

This is a common site, and it shows the extent to which these dumb (non-speaking...) animals have been tamed that they submit to such treatment without so much as a whimper. Indeed, they must rather like it, as well as being stuffed into handbags and backpacks and all manner of indignities.

I actually asked this woman for this pic, which is very rare for me, because a) it was so cute, and b) I wanted a good close-up shot. She said yes but didn't want to be in the pic. I actually got her in the shot but respected her wishes by cropping her out, and in-so-doing also concentrating on the real subject which is the dog. Close cropping also got rid of someone's jean-clad legs, a few extraneous lampposts and a not-so-pretty green bin. The lady's hands though were important, along with the handlebars to give the context. In fact, it's not a picture of a dog. It's a picture of the lifestyle of a Parisian dog - not at all the same thing! I'll be your dawg... woof-woo-woof-wa-woof!
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frankie said...

Glad you're getting back to less blurred pix! I like the photo but I don't like dogs... Have you fallen out with the parisian bins? because I remember a series of photos you made of these see through plastic things, once upon a time. How do I get to see them again?

Paris Set Me Free said...

Oh my goodness, Frankie - you'd have to trawl through the archives which go back to 2005 now and I honestly couldn't tell you where they are! It would also probably be quite scary to see where I was at that time in my life-not sure if I want to go there right now!

But I like blurrrrr!!! ;-)


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