Thursday, October 25, 2007

Paint Me Perfect

One of the most common forms of street art is the aerosol-sprayed wonders produced by dodgy-looking art-student-cum-hoodlum types which nevertheless enchant and fascinate throngs of onlookers with their skills.

I zoomed out on this shot, if I remember rightly, as I was taking it, to give this dynamic effect and concentrate the attention on the eye-catching picture taking shape before our eyes.

It's easier to take pics of people who are engrossed in something where they can't stop and say, hey, what are you doing with that camera - give me some money or I'll land one on ya! I've got another good example of that coming up shortly - a couple of dancer/mime artist types doing their thing.

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RUYI said...

Aaaah sab you're back! I was wondering why not photo for almost a week:)

Can't wait to see the next "stolen" picture of the mime!

Paris Set Me Free said...

Hi Ruyi,

Yep, I'm back, I was just busy leaving my job and running around and doing plenty of other things!

Hope you like the mime pic that follows this one. I've just been running around Paris this afternoon on another photo tour and have some nice new shots.

I'm also in a rich period for self-portraits so expect some more of those too. Thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

hey sab!

j'ai l'impression d'être aspirée par cette photo, elle est vraiment incroyable...



Paris Set Me Free said...

Nimashoox! Thanx...

That's a nice way to put your impressions... être "aspirée" par une photo... je dirais que c'est un succès donc... !!!

Come back soon, Nimasha...


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