Thursday, November 15, 2007

Adventures In Perspective

A pure lesson in here-and-there, this one.

Get in really close to that leaf (there is a bright red leaf on your deep green bench, isn't there folks...?) so that it's nice and big, dominating the bottom third of the shot. Then, and this is important... watch what happens to the bench as it zooms off into the distance! I didn't want to chop the ends of it off so made sure the seat and the back made a nice 'V' shape thanks to a bit of jaunty camera tilt, or was that stagger...

Red and green are always fabulous together, yellow lies between both of them on the chromatic scale too, so the smaller bright lemony splashes of colour add another pleasing element for the eye to ponder over.

Lighting conditions could certainly have been better, as it was rather a dull day, but with a slight bump-up on the computer it's a reasonable shot which might make a nice postcard or a pretty addition to a fridge door or office wall somewhere. Hey, maybe mine! I'm far too lazy when it comes to printing out some of my pics and letting real human being enjoy them as opposed to just you lot! Think about it, and make today the day you actually print out a pic, on paper, and give it someone... you know they'll love you for it.

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Anonymous said...


J'adore, c'est poétique, et sa me fait penser à l'amour je sais pas pourquoi...

Anonymous said...

au fait c'était moi, Nimashooooox...^^

Paris Set Me Free said...

Salut Nimashooo !

Thanks for stopping by! Tu sais, quand j'ai pris cette photo, l'amour était la dernière chose auquelle je pensais !

Mais si cette photo l'inspire, ce n'est pas pour moi de te contredire... je suis très heureux !

A bientôt,


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