Thursday, November 22, 2007

Moon Walking

This is the 'périphérique' or the notorious Paris ring road which encircles the city. Normally people take it to get from one part of the city or suburbs to another fast. At the moment, which the transport strikes in full swing, it's more like a parking lot and if the road rage phonomenon is ever going to hit France then it's going to happen here and now.

There's a perverse satisfaction to be had by those who have chosen to walk by the light of a silver moon as they pass all of these little metal boxes full of grimaces and ire hustling and bustling for the slightest bit of free road ahead.

I've had to walk into Paris from the suburbs about four or five times in the last ten days, and although it's a pain there are positive sides to it - time to think, the odd photo op, a bit of exercise (forgetting the horrendous pollution, that is...).

Technique~wise, again very tricky. The overall cast of the shot was, as you have probably guessed... orange, thanks to the street lights. I didn't want it to be quite as orange, wanted my whites to be whiter and the sky blacker, so I played around a bit with settings on the computer and edged towards a better result, I think. A touch of strengthened blue helped add interest but lightening up the shot meant the row of white headlights bottom left just burnt out. And you know I can't be bothered messing around with individual bits of the pic on the computer (personal choice/lack of time) so there you have it.

But with every click you learn, so click away in any situation. And don't forget the true photographer's number one tip: always have your camera with you, because the best shots can't be predicted and won't wait for anyone! Happy snapping.

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