Friday, November 30, 2007

Photo Critique - Guitarist & Lamppost

Guitarist & Lamppost, Montmartre, Paris
Photo © 2007 Marsha Reed Nall

This shot was taken on a chilly but bright Saturday morning in Montmartre just round the corner from Sacré Coeur on my "Paris Set Me Free ~ Montmartre" photo tour

Great Things !
The best thing about this shot, in my opinion, is the shadow of the lamppost on the wall! It adds an important element of repetition, which strengthens the photo. Not only that, but the two lamppost 'lights' are at a nice angle to each other, and diagonals are always pleasing to the eye.

The invisible diagonal between the two lamppost lights draws a sort of protecting covering over the old guy playing his guitar, and it is always nice when you can imagine a relationship between different parts of the picture, especially inanimate ones.

It was terribly difficult to get this shot, with the sun going in and out and people constantly crossing in front of the camera, and you've done really well to get this shot Marsha! The placing of the lamppost and its shadow is excellent - you haven't chopped off the bottom or the top of the original, and the shadow is nicely placed along the right-hand side of the shot, smaller than the real lamppost, of course, which adds an impression of depth.

Ideas To Consider...
One thing to think about is: what, exactly, is the subject of this shot? If it's the lamppost, then fine. If it's the guitarist, then you have to try and focus attention on him somehow. Here, he, or at least the equipment on his right, merge into the lamppost, and I feel this makes him more difficult to distinguish. I'd try to separate him from the lamppost somehow, probably by walking to the right slightly, to place him nicely between the 'two' lampposts.

I minor point is that he is 'looking' (i.e. facing) 'out of' the shot. It was difficult to rectify this here but in general it is more pleasing to the eye when someone has somewhere to 'look'. In other words, more space in front of them than behind. Here, of course, the major interest was the shadow so this consideration is less important.

The final point is that I would 'bump up' the photo a bit. What I mean by that is play around just a little on the computer afterwards to increase contrast and maybe sharpness to make the photo a bit punchier, but this is a secondary consideration - the most important is what you do just before clicking the button, and you've done a great job Marsha - well done! All it needs now is a title!

See you again in Paris soon!

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