Sunday, November 04, 2007

Potty Mouth

This cluster of cooking pots is the trademark of a restaurant chain called 'Chez Clément' and it makes for some great photos if you play with the angles and surroundings.

The main 'clever' thing about this pic is that the lamppost perfectly mimics the pots jutting out at all angles, or is it the other way round. I don't claim that this is a great shot, but where I do think it's good is in illustrating the principle of making the different unrelated elements of the picture talk to each other in some way. Visually, of course.

I always look for this in a shot although it's not necessary to include this creative technique in every shot - there are many others. But is is a nice thing to do, and observant people will get satisfaction from spotting the link and if you are lucky will appreciate your photo all the more for it.

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Anonymous said...


i know this restaurant...there's the same in boulogne i think...

great pic! ^^


Frankie said...

I dare say... the windows on the building are curved too. they might be former pots... or vice versa...

Paris Set Me Free said...

I think their 'sign' is great - always fun to look at and very distinctive. I've never been in one though! If it's anything like the Bistro/Cafe Romain or something like that it will be very expensive for just average. I'll have to try it sometime and report back!


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