Thursday, November 29, 2007

RER Dusk

The very near suburbs of Paris, where I currently live, is a hotch potch of horrible tower blocks of the sort people who sometimes think about burning cars live in, and little houses behind black grills and reasonably pleasant tree-lined streets with just the odd lump of dog poo and hardly any guys lying on top of drain covers to trip over.

And just occasionally, on popping out of the transport system, a pleasant sight such as this one hits you straight between the pixels and warms you right to the bottom of your Extreme III 4 Giga memory card.

A little technical note here, and I think it's an interesting one. When I looked at this view the gorgeous rich colours knocked me out. When I looked at the pic on the computer I was disappointed because it had all got mushed down into some sort of overall orangey mess. So yes, I enhanced the colours, but in fact I only tried to get it back to what I remember. So there!

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