Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sax Bomb

This guy is often playing his sax just outside the strange and arresting red-brick St. Jean-de-Montmartre church. I don't know if his playing is inspired from above, but he plays pleasant enough standards no-doubt like Moondance or I forget what.

He's one of those chaps, though, that you wouldn't really want to take front on, I don't know, it's just a feeling I get and I may be wrong, but he generally has a can of some sort of strong beer and his slightly unkempt appearance just smacks of 'don't-piss-me-off', which is fair enough.

Hence, one reason for this shot being taken from 'behind bars', the other reason being that it gives me a chance to add another photo to the sadly neglected 'Trapped' section of Paris Set Me Free!

Apart from that, I'll just make one artistic comment. I had the option of a shot of him tilted slightly backwards and this one where he's leaning forward a tad. I went with this one because I thought it actioned-up the image a bit.

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