Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Taken For Idiots

This was a grabbed shot, almost literally, as I was waiting for a metro which was arriving at a rate of knots and I just managed to snatch this before turning to jump into the carriage and nearly tripping over one of those trailing-behind-doggy-style suitcases which would have been pretty spectacular, I can tell you.

It's just a poster of course and, unusually for me, you can't see anything in this shot but the poster. BUT... it's more interesting than that!

First of all, it's an ad for the snobby Galeries Lafayette just round the corner from the Opéra. Their trademark signature is some slogan or other slashed across the ad in edgy graffiti-style handwriting. In this case we can see the 'HOM' of 'HOMME', complete with said monsieur.

The guy is topless, for some reason best left to somebody else's conjecture, and he's rather perplexedly holding a book called 'The Consumption Society'. I haven't the slightest idea what point they are trying to make, but the best bit is what some wag has scrawled across the book cover, extending the title to read 'The Consumption Society takes you for idiots'! Marvellous.


RUYI said...

I've heard on TV it's not his real body they put on the ad but someone else's.
Funny hu?!

Paris Set Me Free said...

Yep, that would be weird, but who is he? Is he supposed to be someone famous? Well, you can't even see his head in my pic so it doesn't really matter!

RUYI said...

Oh it's Frédéric Beigbeder, French author/parties hard out.
He wrote the book "99 Francs" which has just been turned into a movie recently!:)

Paris Set Me Free said...

Oh, right. Thanks for the info - you learn something new every day!


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