Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wall Flowers (Metaphorical Ones)

On my Montmartre photo tour we often come across funny things on walls, and here's an example. It's marvellous really, because you have this amazing wonky symmetry with the two rectangles of women on each side of the horizontal line. They are also separated or set off by the vertical pipe above the line and the crack-type thing above it. To again play with all of these horizontal and vertical lines interacting nicely with each other I tilted the camera to use the edges of the picture creatively and accentuate the lines even more. Finally I played with the colours a bit and ended with a light orangey tint, as there wasn't much colour in the original shot and it was a bit dull.

What you can't see here is how high up they are and you have to wonder who put them up there! But that's for another shot. Keep your eyes lifted - there are many surprises up there!

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