Friday, November 16, 2007

Windmills of my Mind

Hey, would you believe it? A rare shot of the last working windmill on old Montmartre Hill!

Actually... not.

For a start, the sails should have canvas on them to actually get pushed round by the wind. And secondly, there are only a couple of windmills left in Montmartre (if you don't count the Moulin Rouge) and they're either restaurants or hotels, or both - I've forgotten!

No, what you see here, of course, is a simple but striking effect produced by choosing a slowish shutter speed and actually rotating the camera around the lens' axis as you take the shot. If you're lucky and you point the centre of the lens at the centre of the sails, you should get an effect which makes the sails look as though they are rotating, at least at their extremities.

The things closer to the centre of rotation will be relatively less effected, but of course will still be well blurred so hey! why not got for the atmospheric artsy feel and have done with it. You can still see it's a windmill tho', can't you?! Orangey tinting is optional...


Frankie said...

very clever, this one!

Paris Set Me Free said...

Sometimes these freaky effects work and sometimes they don't... but you have to try!


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