Monday, June 30, 2008

Breaking Rank

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I know it's one of those sickeningly cutesy human tendencies to anthropomorphosise and imagine a rather perplexed look on the beaks of these serene seagulls as this uncouth unkempt pigeon (a pigeon, eugh... how terribly common!) crashes in on the scene, but it's quite fun to do it anyway

The former were standing, and I kid you not, in a uniform line, perfectly spaced, even the military would have been proud of

Now, I know you can't actually tell that this is Paris, but it is, indeed, Ile de la Cité, in the little park next to the little known memorial for the deportation during the Second World War. I saw so much wildlife (and some tame) on this shoot it was strange to think that we were supposed to be living in a concrete jungle.

I had a whole bunch of shots like this, minus the pigeon, and had been agonising over which wonderful representation of that amazing line to show you, when I realised I was an idiot. With a shot like the one above, and the same thing minus the grey blur of bird, there is no contest. There was more purity in the other shots, but this one is where the action is! And the interaction (or disdainful lack of it) between the two species which makes it interesting.

As a great fan of contrasts, there are plenty here: moving and still; white and grey; sharp and blurred; near and far; and to anthopomorphosise a little... calm and collected against panicked and pushy. Clean and polluting? The list could go on.

Video Commentary

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