Monday, December 03, 2007

Church of Eiffel

This is my 400th posting, apparently, and it's nice that Lady E is looking in on it, I think.

A curious shot, admittedly, but somewhat symbolic. The tower itself was a shock for many, so untraditional and violently industrial that it was, similar to the shock of the Louvre pyramid in a later era...

I like the modern cross in the form of an aerial in the middle, with the sun balancing the tower and the whole thing viewed through a sort of mesh, almost like a confessional grill, as I offer my thanks to our Lady of Eiffel in about as close as I'll come to a conventional religious experience. Next service, same time tomorrow evening, wherever you are!

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Anonymous said...

Some great shot as always.

I have been under the doctors care for the last six months , which started almost two years ago !!

Needless to say I haven't been to Paris since Jan. 2005 . And I,we miss it.

Thanks for refreshing my memory .


Paris Set Me Free said...

Hi Alaska,

Thanks for the comment. I hope you can get over here again soon. I'll take you on a photo tour of the city! Take care and keep Paris in your heart!

LadyM said...

waouuuuu love this one, where did you take it from??? hints, hint!!!! the nikon d300 is a wonder! take care. oxo

Paris Set Me Free said...

Hi Lady M.
This shot was taken from... Montmartre! Just down from the front of the basilique, through a wire fence as the sun set (obviously!). Glad you like it. When are you back in Paris?


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