Monday, June 30, 2008

Free Wheeling

Written Comments

I'd love to say there was some deep emotional message to impart here... but I just can't find one! There's just this restaurant guy putting up the menu and some bike just lying there (not his) with the lock abandoned next to it. The shot's more perplexing than anything else I can see.

Just why is that bike just lying there? I guess I'll never know.

Compositionally, I was worried this shot was a bit busy, but I cropped as much as I was comfortable with, and managed to rein in the unruly bits. The bottom and bottom right side of the picture are nicely hemmed in by the pleasing curve of the kerb, which also frames the expired bicycle. The pavement going into the distance on the right with the receding black poles provide the sense of depth and the flowered balcony closes off the top left.

I've zapped up the colours as usual to increase the sense of irreality (which I just invented) as I often do as part of my style/theme (transport).

You got to have a theme, y'know? Coz if you don't have a theme... how you gonna have a theme speak for you?!

Video Commentary

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LadyM said...

well, well, are doing a great job and your comments are nourishing my thoughts re: photography. congratulations! all this reminds me of the time you had the idea of organising tours in Paris. you stuck to your projects, chapeau bas cher! i will be in paris in Feb but very shortly (one week) travelling to bordeaux to see my sister (who must be labouring very hard to give birth to a little girl) and to lille via paris for 2 days only. would have loved to go on a tour with you but i can t be everywhere. keep up this great job and have a smashing time over xmas. take care

Dusty Lens said...

From a novice perspective. I actually like the business of this photo. For me, this works into the scene and story of the bicycle. There is a sense of tension from the businnes that may have led to this bicycle wreck.

The story I am thinking is the cyclist misjudged the curve and stop sign, perhaps on a cell phone not paying attention. This cyclist crashed into the building upsetting the bistro menu board. The lock fell off lying in the street as the rider may have been in agony.

I'm seeing the subject after a bicycle wreck; something bad happened and this scene with conveys this acident.

Without the business, there is no tension. No tension, and all there is left is a bicycle lying on the street.

Thank you, I am learning from your blog and video critiques.


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