Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Heritage Hi-jinks

I can't believe I haven't actually put up a pic of my own Private Paris Pyramid (well, which I share with a few million others, but early on a Sunday morning one could imagine that...). Maybe I have actually and just can't remember.

The challenge with something like this is that it has been photographed by so many people, and that it is SO famous, you've got to do something special if you want your pic to be more than a snap.

This shot was grabbed as part of a photo tour where I was more concerned with my clients than my own photos so can make any great claims for brilliance here. I rather like it, however, and the contrast between the traditional and modern is nicely captured and never ceases to impress me - the fact that they DARED to build the thing! That's Paris for you.

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Joy said...

I like the angle on this. It's a very arty photo.

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Paris Set Me Free said...

Thanks for stopping by, Joy. A joy to see you here and thanks for the comment!


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