Monday, December 03, 2007

Sacré Bleu

I'm doing something I very rarely do here! I'm posting a photo which I haven't messed around with at all! Not even one little bit...

And why am I taking this unprecedented step, you ask yourself? Because there is something very interesting about this photo which has nothing to do with post-production processing - can you guess what it is?

And the answer is quite simple. The warm beigey tower in the background basking in the last rays of the setting sun and the chilly, sinister gothicky edifice in the foreground are... made from exactly the same stone and are normally identical in colour. But look at the difference here!

It's hard to believe that they are made of exactly the same material of the same colour but it's true. And of course it's all down to the light, and the interesting revelation that things don't have a colour as such, but more a property of reflection.

The lighting conditions were very different for the tower and the lower shady wall, and it just goes to show that light, in the end, is what it's all about. May the light force be with you!


Salem Oregon Daily Photo said...

This is excellent! I hope to develop an eye for such shots.

Paris Set Me Free said...

Thanks for stopping by again! I'm trying to find your page to leave a comment too, but your profile... doesn't go anywhere! Good luck with your pics - remember: the only rule is... there are no rule!


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