Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Stuck on Rodin

I've seen this shot before (not in my style, of course) and as it happens I have a client whose apartment looks onto the Rodin museum, and I'd been itching to get a shot of this crazy lamppost.

The thing is covered in stickers saying 'musée Rodin ~ entrée gratuite' on them. I guess some bright spark had the idea one day to stick his sticker to the lamppost on leaving the museum. The trend seems to have taken hold like wildfire and now we have the 'réverbère Rodin' which is in the process of becoming more famous than the museum!

The zappy diamond composition was purely out of necessity, having taken the shot way too off kilter so the guy was either kissing the pavement or flat on his back... but in the end I like it.

I had better shots of the stickers but of course none of the others had a guy unknowingly echoing the raised hand gesture of the Rodin statue in the poster behind him. The little difference that kills, as they say.

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K.O. said...

This is a really nice photo. Besides the subjects, I really like the unusual shape you chose to give the photo. nice job!


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