Monday, June 30, 2008

Bridge of Hope

Written Comments

This shot was taken peeking out from the very discrete monument to the deportation on the tip of Ile de la Cité, just across from Notre Dame. It's an extremely powerful space, and this view is just one more brilliantly chilling aspect of what they have achieved here.

It's terribly tricky to get a good shot here as you have to squat right down and sort of balance on one leg trying to position something interesting in one of the little squares of the black iron grill.

In this case I managed to get a couple of birds (what else?) flying over the bridge, with the obelisk on the right and some typically Parisian buildings on the left. It's true that the river slopes down to the left which doesn't really respect the Lordz of Fizzicks, but to be honest, do you want art, or do you want a happy crappy holiday snap?

If it's the latter you're after, you just have to get off your knees and head on up to the adjacent bridge and take a prim 'n proper, judiciously horizontal, unfettered picture of a bridge and show it to your grandmother who'll say it's lovely, and you'll be none the wiser... ;-)

Apologies to creative grandmothers everywhere, by the way...

One other point, a small one maybe, but important if you want to know the whole story... The centre of the image is a square, and for that reason I made the whole image much squarer than the original, by cropping. And what's more, I didn't just crop it any old how. If you look carefully, you'll see that the little gap in the top left-hand corner is almost exactly the same size as the little gap in the bottom right, but the shapes of the rectangles opposed at 90 degrees.

It's little details like these which go to make up a pleasingly balanced picture, little elements echoing and complementing each other which the viewer might not be aware of but which count nevertheless. Thank you.

Video Commentary

(Right-click the image above and open in a new window to have a bigger, good quality version right next to the video commtary as we discuss the photo...)

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