Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mixed Emotions

A double exposure of two contiguous ads on one of those funky rolling ad thingies. Funnily enough, good old Sarkozy was on the cover of two mags which happened to be out at the same time, which isn't such an unusual occurrence, but since the Pres has hooked up with diva Carla Bruni they've just gone crazy.

As I gazed at the revolving ads, one after another, I thought it would be interesting to try and incorporate the two images in one.

'Le Point' has a rather stern looking Sarko crowned by the slyly sardonic title 'L'Acrobat', while L'Express is slightly less snidey with 'Le President People', which doesn't mean 'the people's president', but more 'the showbiz pres'.

Here we see an image which someone has slaved over to remove all extraneous detail to just have Sarko and Bruni looking happy and lurvely together enjoying some event.

I did the double exposure thing and the result is an interesting mix of the two images. By tilting the camera differently for the two shots, the rather sad-looking Sarko from 'Le Point' seems to be resting his head with a certain melancholy on Carla's shoulder. His mouth is transparently covered by his hand from the other shot, originally on his chin, which adds a bit of silent commentary - why is he covering his mouth...?

In any case, the great thing with double exposures is that you really have no idea how the different elements are going to marry and send out unexpected messages. If your camera allows it, give it a go, and see what happens. And let us know!

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