Monday, June 30, 2008

Notre Kiss

Written Comments

Hey - did you guess it was Paris folks?! Couldn't be much clearer, could it? Notre Dame nicely backdropping the unplanned (honest) Doisneau Moment, as the multi-faceted street sign shouts "This is France!" for all it's worth.

I decided to do a little bit of photo manip on this one just for fun - can you guess what I did? Prizes for the most complete analysis - if you reply you'll probably win!

Actually, I'll probably tell you everything in the video, but you can still try to guess before you watch anyway...

As it's my first pic of the new year (2008, in case you hadn't noticed) although I did take it in December of last year, it's a happy one, a nice New Year kiss, wishing you all a wonderfully productive and photographically insightful twelve months.

Stick with me, leave a few comments from time to time, and I'll probably be your new best friend! Happy snapping...

Video Commentary

(Right-click the image above and open in a new window to have a bigger, good quality version right next to the video commtary as we discuss the photo...)


kevinparis said...

pointed here by girlfriend who you may know as Jenesuispas from flickr. Like what you are doing.. like the video idea.. only suggestion is that you maybe show the before and the after rather than just talking about it

Paris Set Me Free said...

Hi kevinparis - thanks for the comments! Until now this blog has been about the final result, and the emotions and techniques it took to arrive there, but...

As from, well, today, maybe, I'm setting up a new section on my site as a free on-line digital photography course where individual lessons will be posted to the blog too probably, and there I will include before and after shots if relevant. All the best in Paris to you, and thanks to jenesuispas girlfriend for passing me on!

LaY hOoN said...

This is really a beautiful shot.
Can I use this image for my collage card (personal use only) ?

Paris Set Me Free said...

Hi Lay Hoon,

Sure you can use it! Let me see the result if you like.

Salem Oregon Daily Photo said...

My first time here. Appreciate your shooting advice and techniques. (I'm a novice.) I notice some 'drop shadow' added to the signs. Perhaps you imported them from another photo, maybe even the people as well?? I'll go listen to the video now.

Paris Set Me Free said...

Hi there Salem Oregon! Thanks for stopping by.

No, there is no drop shadow added to the sign! It's just a very fat sign!

J.C. said...

I wonder what's the answer to this. Have you posted a reply somewhere?


J.C. of Subang Jaya Daily Photo

J.C. said...

Or did you add the bird into this photo?


J.C. of Subang Jaya Daily Photo

Paris Set Me Free said...

Hi J.C.!

Well, I didn't actually 'add' the bird, just moved it to a better place in the photo - it was almost flying out of the top left-hand corner! Thanks for stopping by :-)


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