Monday, June 30, 2008

Creative Photo Critique - 'Andita from Jakarta'

Video Photo Critique
© Images copyright Andita Rasyid 2007

(Open the video in a new window by clicking NEXT TO the play button in the middle of the image below so you can see the photos at the same time as watching...)

(Ask Sab for a friendly photo critique!)


Anonymous said...

Great shots as always.

Trying to get better up here in Alaska. This chemo stuff is just awful way to go.
Oh on a related note there is a young guy doing all the capitols of Europe with no money.

Anyway it would be great if you or a few friends could sponsor him for the research. He gets no money from the site. It goes to a private hospital for cancer research.

And I can tell you we need much better ones than these one's that burn your body within your life.

Antway check the blog out . he
gets thrown off trains and other interesting things. And it is updated almost every day with photo's.

I think he will be couch surfing by Paris in a little bit.


PS, I'm still not doing much , they are letting me drive short distances. But as I'm sure you know I would love to be in Paris about any day month or year ;-))))

Paris Set Me Free said...

From what you say, you're currently undergoing some sort of therapy, which is never easy. Really, stick in there, and if you want conversation or comments on your photos, then just send them in and you could even see my ugly old mug chatting about you pics!

Take care, and thanks for all, and see you in Paris - ohhh yeahh!!


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