Saturday, March 15, 2008

Photography Lesson - "Do You Dream In Colour"

"Do You Dream In Colour?" (Disconcerting Composition)

This might not seem, on the face of it, a disconcerting composition. And yet it disturbs me profoundly.

Learning my craft in the tricky tailwinds of the rule of thirds and other such arcane devices, I have an almost pathological fear of the geometrically suspect. And yet.

And yet, I'm an artist, which means that although I'm concerned by the fact that her face (because she is a person, you know) is almost dead centre in the picture, something tells me that this is how it must be. How she must be. And that's enough.

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Lezard said...

Nice contrasts.

Olivier said...

tres belle photo, je la trouve tres poetique. bravo

Paris Set Me Free said...

Merci Lezard et Olivier - très gentil de vos parts!

A bientôt à Paris!

Steve & Cricket said...

Okay , You can come in from the spring weather a give us a great couple shots :-))))


Paris Set Me Free said...

OK, guys, I hear ya, I hear ya! :-)


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