Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Has Bin

Weird day. Went for an early morning run, having got home late the night before: saw this!

In my road!

The entire pavement (brand new into the bargain) was covered in burnt out plastic bin which must have been full of newspapers judging by the mess all over it.

The spookiest thing is that sometime between my late night walk home and my early morning run, the whole friggin' pavement must have been crazily on fire - shouldn't the fire brigade have come storming down here or something?

The only thing I saw was a little old lady trying to sweep away the damage and someone coming out of the building next to it shake his head in disgust and say 'les jeunes...' (kids!).

And as for the happy smiling couple, well, it's obviously not part of their reality.


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lynn said...

Gosh that's quite alarming but i know what you mean; people look the other way. Maybe the couple thought you were a newspaper photographer taking a shot of the mess(yeah like it's big news in a city like Paris, okay)and were looking forward to getting their faces in the paper. Good shot.

Steve & Cricket said...


This reminds me of my early morning walks in your wonderful city . I always get up early and take a walk while she sleeps in and takes her time to get ready . I can't say I've seen something like this . But other crazy stuff. But it's always gone by about 9am . Where does it go ;-)))


Sab Will said...

You do occasionally have riots and stuff in or around Paris where people burn cars and smash windows, but you always tend to think that it doesn't happen 'here' but sometimes it actually does happen 'here'.

I makes you realise that you're not as safe as you think and it could be worrying if you let it get to you.

lady jicky said...

OK - what wrong with the women of Paris????
I would have been on the phone pronto!
Such handsome Firemen and policemen you have over there!!!

sabya said...

Dans mon pays ce type d'ordures jetées , est vu il y a beaucoup de gens quoi répudient, autre gens que ni vue ,paraît comme si elle n'existait pas ,mais est une réalité :s


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