Monday, April 28, 2008

Photography Lesson - "Above The Line"

Above The Line

Paris is jam-packed full of churches, and whether you find them uplifting or insulting, there's no question that architecturally, photographically and (why not) spiritually, they offer many opportunities for reflection.

This rather bald-seeming angel (as often happens with my self-portraits when there's a particularly unsympathetic overhead light...) has a touching uplifted gaze and is completely surrounded by the intricate decoration of the doorway.

I often wonder about the lives of those who created such creatures - I'd love to have chatted with the sculptors responsible for the wonderful array of phantasmagorical faces that graces the Pont Neuf, for example!

Can you imagine the hands of the creator of this little character, gently caressing her fine features and perhaps feeling a real emotion towards this delicately crafted piece of stone?

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Tanya said...

I love looking at churches. This one is amazing!

Grand Life said...

Love your photo's. The church is great and I loved the man on the stairs. I check your blog often although I don't always leave a comment. Thanks for the great job that you do.

Dusty Lens said...

Greetings. I just found your blog linked from D.C. Confidential. I appriciate your explainations and tips wih great photos. A real help to us novice Photography hobbyists.

I just returned from Paris and was fascinated by the stunning architecture, especially in the cathedrals. Inside where photos were allowed, I found it difficult to hand hold the camera for my shots. Some worked, others, I deleted.

Anyway, I will stop by here aain soon. Merci.


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